About Us

Growing up in the Multicultural, Urbanised streets of South London, we both grew up with a passion for food and a natural flair for cooking. Through our education and experiences we became increasingly conscious about what we ate and how it could impact our health. Over the past few years, both of us have seen the numerous benefits of introducing more Raw-Vegan-Foods into our lives and the lives of our families and friends. Now we want nothing more than to share this others.



The Name

Amrutha is a name suggested to us by world renowned philosopher and inspirational author, Srinivas Arka.  The name is a Sanskrit word with two distinct translations, Nectar and Immortality.  It reflects our Asian heritage and also the philosophy of the business.  Simply, it’s our aim to offer you great tasting food, in its purest form, that will also improve your health.  It’s in our motto; “Life Giving Food”

The Food

As you may have noted by now, most of our food is Raw Vegan Cuisine. Raw essentially means food that has not been heated or processed to a temperature above 42 degrees Celsius. Above this temperature, the living enzymes in food start to break down and significant nutritional value is lost. Through this basic rule we can ensure that the nutrition content of our food is maximised and the natural flavours are preserved. In our experience we have discovered, once your palate re-adjusts you will find that Raw-Food tastes much better than cooked food, and will leave you feeling light and energetic, but still satisfied.

All of the food we serve at Amrutha is vegan. Much evidence has shown that humans are in fact herbivores, with our physiology and psychology suggesting that we are more suited to a plant based diet. There is a strong link between the consumption of animal products and many of the degenerative diseases that our modern civilisation faces, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Also by sourcing only vegan ingredients we ensure that we minimise the harm we cause to the environment and are not advocates of the animal cruelty that is exists within the meat and dairy industries. Consideration of these issues is impeditive in an age of mass farming, global warming and the depletion of natural resources.  

Most imported and supermarket foods are harvested while they are un-ripe in order to increase shelf-life. Organic, seasonal, local produce has the most flavour and nutrition as the crop is harvested at the correct time. We take great care to try and source Organic, local, and seasonal produce whenever possible; as we believe the foods with the least amount of ‘food-miles’ are the most suited to our well-being, as well the well-being of the planet as a whole.