Our monthly Detox and Nourish programmes are a fantastic way for you to take control of your own health and happiness.  We provide you with your all your daily nutrition needs as well as the support required in order for you to accomplish your goals. 

Our programmes are simple, yet extremely effective and beneficial to anyone taking part.  We simply provide you with freshly made organic juices, smoothies, healthy snacks and a life giving, balanced meal.  The food is all prepared daily by our chefs from 5am and will be ready for collection from our Restaurant anytime after 8am, so you can pick up your whole day’s food and enjoy the benefits of the programme from home or the office.

This programme has a very different intention to many others that are available with a similar name.  Our goal is NOT to try and loose a few pounds, we’re not promising a trimmer waistline for everyone, definitely not claiming that we can cure terminal ailments with five days of vegetables. None of that!! 

The primary motivation for doing this, is to share the wonderful benefits we have experienced in our own lives by eating and living consciously.  We believe the best way for us to do this is by INSPIRING you with delicious food.  We truly believe lovingly prepared food, made with wholesome ingredients can act as the catalyst that allows you to transform you relationship with food, your eating habits and your long term health.